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final exam 11-16


The ABC Company sales force has been provided with smartphones and portable printers as shown in the graphic. Which two short-range technologies can support these types of devices? (Choose two.)

A technician uses an application to capture packets on the network. One such capture reveals the password that is used by a person in the classroom to initiate a Telnet session with a school network device. What recommendation could the technician make to the person who is using Telnet?
If possible, configure the business firewall to filter port 23.
If possible, encrypt the Telnet password on the classroom computer.
If possible, enable the network device to use SSH instead of Telnet.
If possible, use a VPN tunnel from the classroom computer to the network device.

What could be the possible solution to the Windows Vista search feature taking longer than expected to find results?
Start UAC services using the command services.msc.
Change the settings of the Index service in the Advanced Options panel.
Register the file msxml3.dll by entering regsvr32 msxml3.dll at the command prompt.
Upgrade the RAM and video card to meet the minimum Microsoft requirements for indexing.

Which statement best describes how telephone calls are carried over data networks and the Internet?
Standard telephones must be connected to a computer network.
Voice access is provided to the public switched telephone network.
Analog voice signals are converted into digital information that is transported in IP packets.
A computer is required that connects to a network via an RJ-45 Ethernet connector or via a wireless connection.

A technician has installed new RAM in a laptop. When restarted the laptop emitted a long beep. What are two possible causes and solutions for this problem? (Choose two.)
The laptop BIOS should be upgraded when installing the RAM.
The new RAM is defective and must be replaced.
The technician failed to install the laptop RAM cover plate. The plate needs to be installed.
The laptop has a problem with the operating system that needs to be resolved before the laptop will restart correctly.
The RAM was incorrectly installed and needs to be reinstalled.

A user calls the help desk to report that a PC displays an error message on the screen that indicates certain system files are missing or corrupted. The computer technician suspects that some system files have been accidentally deleted or that the system files are corrupted. Which command should the computer technician perform on the PC to restore protected system files with known good versions?
sfc /scannow

Which Windows protocol enables a technician at company headquarters to view the screen and control the mouse and keyboard of a computer in a branch office?
System Desktop Protocol
System Tools Protocol
Remote Desktop Protocol
Services Protocol

What is the general term that is used to describe components of a laptop that should be replaced by a service center?

A user on the network needs to be able to add and remove files in a shared folder on an NTFS-formatted server. Users should never be allowed to assume ownership of the shared folder. Which permission should the administrator assign to the user?

A business is concerned that computers are susceptible to malware infection. Which two actions will help solve this problem? (Choose two.)
Configure a hard drive password.
Encrypt the hard drive contents.
Enable real-time virus and spyware scanning.
Enable automatic antivirus and antispyware software updates.
Configure antimalware software to run whenever the computer is experiencing heavy usage.

A user reports problems with restoring backed up files to a Windows XP computer. Which two issues are possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
The user did not set a restore point before performing the backup.
Some of the backed up files exceed 200 MB and will fail to be restored.
The last full backup and all incremental backup sets are not available to restore the files that are backed up with an incremental backup.
A differential backup was performed and the user does not have the required last full and last incremental backups to restore the files.
The user set the target drive file system to FAT32 instead of to NTFS in the Advanced Mode Options of the Windows XP Backup or Restore Utility.

Which open standards-based wireless security mode supports government grade security?

Which Startup type must be selected for a service that should run each time the computer is booted?

A technician is compiling a company computer support training manual. One of the utilities that is described in the manual is Sysprep. What is the purpose of this utility?
It prepares a computer for imaging.
It helps prepare an answer file to automate the preinstallation of Windows XP.
It helps prepare an answer file to automate the preinstallation of Windows Vista.
It is used to configure the computer for System Restore parameters such as when a System Restore Point is created.

A computer has been assigned an IP address of What command could be used to force the computer to request an IP address again?
ipconfig /release
net computer


Refer to the exhibit. Which control panel link would be used to manually assign an IP address to a computer?
Appearance and Personalization
Hardware and Sound
Network and Internet
System and Maintenance

A Windows XP computer that once had three operating systems installed now has only one operating system. However, when the computer boots up, the user is still presented with a choice between the old systems and XP. Which path allows the user to make changes to the BOOT.INI file?
Click Start > Control Panel > System. Click the Advanced tab. Click Performance Options
Right click My Computer. Choose Manage. Click System Tools. Double-click Disk Management.
Right click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Double-click Storage. Double-click Disk Management.
Click Start. Right click My Computer. Choose Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery area. Click Edit.

A student laptop is running slowly, and the student suspects rogue computers are accessing the laptop. Which control panel feature is used in Windows Vista to verify the firewall setting?
Network and Sharing Center
Security Center
System and Maintenance

A computer that worked fine yesterday now locks after two hours of use. What is the problem?
CPU overheating
extended hard drive partition
incorrect BIOS settings
faulty RAID
faulty video adapter

A customer has spilled some liquid into the laptop keyboard. The laptop appears to function properly except for the keys. After cleaning the keyboard, the technician tests the keyboard and it still has failing keys. What are two possible actions the technician could take? (Choose two.)
Replace the keyboard.
Reseat the motherboard.
Use an external keyboard until the laptop keyboard is replaced.
Reattach the keyboard cable to the motherboard.
Re-enable the affected keys through a Windows control panel.

A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration?
Use jumpers on the motherboard to configure the drive as slave.
List the drive as slave in the CMOS.
Connect the drive after the twist in the PATA cable.
Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.

A technician is helping a customer that constantly has to reset the time on a laptop. What is the probable cause of this problem?
The AC adapter is failing and needs to be replaced.
The power supply is failing and needs to be replaced.
The battery on the motherboard needs to be replaced.
The time zone is not set or needs to be reset through a control panel.
The laptop power battery is losing its charge and needs to be replaced.

A junior technician finds preventive maintenance very boring and would prefer to fix real problems. However, what is the most important reason for the company that the preventive maintenance be done?
It is important to train the junior technicians to become good technicians by giving them the preventive maintenance duties.
Preventive maintenance helps to protect the computer equipment against future problems.
Preventive maintenance allows the IT department to regularly monitor the contents of user hard drives to ensure computer use policies are being followed.
Preventive maintenance enables the IT manager to check on the location and state of the computer assets.

What is the purpose of the setupmgr.exe file?
It configures the computer for a duplicate drive image.
It customizes the Welcome screen for ease of end-user Windows deployment.
It helps prepare an answer file to automate the installation of Windows XP.
It is used to configure the computer for System Restore parameters, such as when a System Restore Point is created.

A technician has been performing routine preventive maintenance on a PC. After maintenance is performed and the PC and monitor are turned on, the monitor displays a black screen. The technician does a visual inspection and determines that there are two video ports at the back of the PC. What possible problem should the technician investigate first?
The monitor was damaged during cleaning.
The video connector has been disabled.
The computer requires two monitors for video.
The video drivers need to be updated.


Refer to the exhibit. A customer has upgraded to a new laptop with the specifications as shown in the exhibit. The customer reports that an older cellular WAN card fails to fit in the new laptop. What is the problem?
The new laptop fails to support the older cellular WAN technology.
The new laptop has an ExpressCard slot, which is incompatible with the older card.
The wireless-N card with Bluetooth must be disabled in order for the cellular WAN card to work.
The new laptop must have the integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN port disabled in order for the cellular WAN card to work.

Why is it important to collect and properly dispose of all glass shards when terminating fiber-optic cable?
The glass contains chemicals that are hazardous to humans.
The shards can cause problems with electric circuits.
If the shards get in your eye or skin, they are very difficult to remove.
The glass used is very expensive so it should be collected to recycle/reuse.

What two dangers exist when working on laser printers?
mercury poisoning
electrical shock
hexavalent chromium ingestion
lead poisoning

Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap?
to ground the technician using the computer
to keep sensitive computer components static-free before installation
to use the power supply of the computer to store static electricity
to prevent damage to electronic components inside the computer

A network administrator has a user that is changing the rights to files in a folder for other users. What rights does the administrator need to remove from the user?
Read and Write
Full Control
Read and Execute

A technician is helping a customer select additional RAM for a computer. Which two items should be considered when updating RAM? (Choose two.)
The new memory must run at least as fast as the existing memory.
The total amount of memory must not exceed the size of the swap file.
The new memory must be compatible with the motherboard.
The new memory must run at speeds as fast as the cache of the CPU.
The new memory must be compatible with the video card.

What is different about the default location for user files in Windows Vista compared to Windows XP?
The default location for user files in Windows Vista is within a user-specific subfolder in the Users folder.
The first time a user logs into any version of Windows Vista, the user must select the default folder for user files.
During the installation process, the installer selects the folder from which subfolders are created for every user to store user-specific documents.
The default location is in the Documents and Settings folder. From there a subfolder with the user name is created when a user account is made. Then another subfolder called My Documents is created.

A computer had updates installed and was rebooted. Nothing is displaying on the monitor that is connected to the computer. What could the technician do to reset the monitor settings?
Use the BIOS.
Use the Windows installation CD.
Use internal DOS commands.
Use the F8 key.

What precaution should a technician take when checking a dot matrix printer that suddenly stops functioning?
Avoid the fuser unit, which can become hot.
Avoid the corona wire, which can retain a high voltage.
Avoid the print head, which can become hot.
Avoid the platen, which can retain a high voltage.

Which two issues or features need to be considered when a second SATA hard drive is installed in a computer? (Choose two.)
Each SATA drive has its own data cable.
The BIOS auto-detects the SATA master drive.
The boot order in BIOS may need to be adjusted.
The second SATA drive is partitioned automatically.
One SATA drive is set to master and the other to slave.

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