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Download BullGuard Antivirus 12 License Key Full Version Free Download

Antivirus. Spots all viruses. Known and unknown.
Viruses and other malware come in many shapes, so having an effective antivirus program to detect and remove them is a must if you want to be safe! That’s why BullGuard brings you a state-of-the-art Antivirus that incorporates Behavioural Detection. 
This cutting-edge technology spots the newest viruses by how they act on your computer, while Signature-based detection deals with known malware. Together, they make up a multi-layered defence system for your PC that's virtually impenetrable.
Spamfilter. Your inbox. Clean and safe.
Fighting spam is annoying and tiresome, isn’t it? Especially when your inbox is subjected to e-mail scams such as phishing attempts. To take this burden off your shoulders, BullGuard provides you with a customizable Spamfilter. 
It comes with built-in support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail.
Safe Browsing. Malicious websites. All flagged.
Even something as basic as browsing can put your computer and your identity at risk. Websites can hold viruses that take down your system, spyware that steals your private information or phishing techniques that trick you into revealing your bank account details. 
What can you do? Get BullGuard to protect you, by checking every website that shows up on the search result page. That way, you'll know which sites are safe and which should be avoided, without accessing them to find out.
Support. Help is just a few clicks away.
What’s special about BullGuard Antivirus 12?
BullGuard Antivirus 12 stands out thanks to its antispamware tools, impressive early-detection features, attractive interface and world-class customer service.
 While many of the antivirus products on the market still use the traditional reactive Signature-Based technology to detect viruses, Bullguard’s antivirus software also includes Behavioural Detection. This state-of-the-art technology spots unknown virus by how they “act” – based on file, registry, process, and network events – and thus achieves very high catch rates. 
Signature-Based Detection and Behavioural Detection are both part of a cutting-edge software architecture based on layered defences – if malicious code gets through one layer, the next one will catch it. 
We’re here to help you out with any security problem you may have. Whether you prefer a live chat with one of our support experts, or ask a question via e-mail, be assured you’ll receive a qualified and helpful, more than satisfactory answer. Oh, and you can also opt for online remote access support, just in case things
Your inbox. Clean and safe.

The software offers more than a few improvements, including powerful parental controls that permit parents to watch and block access to specific sorts of sites or IM chat applications, and now also offers better interception and block features to reinforce efficiency. Parents may also set how much time a baby can spend on a pc or online per day in hourly increments. PC Tune Up allows users to effectively unencumber space and includes registry backup/restore and cleanup to take away unused registry entries, startup application management and repair management, all of which help to enhance the performance of a computer. 5GB of online backup can now be controlled directly through program folders while not having to open the BullGuard software interface, with easy accessibility to online backups from the computer and mobile devices, alongside improved continuous backup functionality.


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